15 most in-demand neighborhoods in the Portland Area

By Phoenix Group Real Estate | Mar 14, 2018

As I am always investigating info on real estate in our area, and through out the region, these types of articles back up the info that I pass on to clients, fellow business associates, and to the community. As of 3/14/2018 we have 93 listings in Hillsboro.  As the Hillsboro population is in the 102,000 range, it…

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Massive South Hillsboro project breaks ground

By Phoenix Group Real Estate | Mar 9, 2018

I have been a resident of Hillsboro for 28 years now, and the growth has been crazy. We have had double digit appreciation since the end of the great recession, 2007-2010. All of that market correcting has corrected to the extent of pushing our entry level housing out of the reach of our entry level…

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TriMet kicks off three new bus lines this morning

By Phoenix Group Real Estate | Mar 7, 2018

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How to fight slugs and liverwort in Oregon

By Phoenix Group Real Estate | Jan 9, 2018

As a native Oregonian, I have endured the encroachment into my state by our state animal, the slug, more than once.  There is nothing like stepping on a cold, slippery, slimey slug when you walk out to enjoy your floral and fauna in your backyard!  The worst part of it is that they are hungry…

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